hopping front end

My new to me 05 drz hops the front end when riding on the street it has a pirrelli scorpion 90 90 21 front tire the trailing edge of the tire is worn down as compared to the leading edge.This is a directional tire so I assume I can't just flip it to run it the other way. Both front and rear tires appear to have been balanced as they have wheel weights on the spokes To get it down the road properly do I have to buy a new front?

I would check the balance. If that is OK, then yup new tires.

I would re-check the balance. Does it have a rim lock? You can't change the direction on the rotation. When you check the balance or have it checked, make sure the rim is not out of round causing the "hop". If that all checks out its new tire time.



you didn't buy it from a bunch of mexican homies did you?


what is the tire pressure ?

you didn't buy it from a bunch of mexican homies did you?



Once, I changed my front tire and had a horrible bounce on the road afterwords, it turns out I didn't have the bead properly seated. There is a line in the rubber that goes completely around the tire by the bead, mine was not seating properly and by looking at that line, it became obvious what the problem was. Sometimes it's a pain to get it to seat right. At slower speeds, it felt ok but as my speed increased, it became obvious something wasn't right.

My scorp bounces a bit too, but the rimlock is a few inches from the valve stem, and I did not balance it. I bet you get that thing on a balancing rig and it will smooth out.

The pressure is low 15 psi. so I will air it up to 35 and see if it makes any difference. If not its off to the steelership:thumbsdn:

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