How to set your stock suspensions?


I just bought a 2003 XR650L. I'm 230 pounds with all the gear and I will use my XR mostly on dirt roads and sometimes on technical trails with my friends (all riding KTM's 450EXC and KTM300EXC 2 strokes...). Since I'll have a lot of work to do to follow them on theses tight trails, I need a good suspension set up...! So, I'm looking for advices about my suspension set up...

In front:

- How much air pressure do I need to pump in? My owner manual says between 0 psi and 6 psi...

- How do I set the rebound between the 14 different positions? Full hard, half hard, full soft...?

In the back:

- How should I set up the spring?

- How should I set up the compressed gaz settings?

I know I'll have to adjust everything after a few miles, but I want a good set up to begin with...

Thanks !

I too am interested.:thumbsup: On my 2000 I went softer & made it almost unrideable:eek: Will go the other way on both ends:thumbsup:

Softer is good if you adjust the rebound on the shock at the same time. The rebound adjustment is the wheel adjustment on the bottom of your shock. If you don't adjust the rebound stiffer you will just wallow.

Most importantly, get the right springs for your weight. Plus a revalve kit.

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