F Pegs

Hi boys. Is there a brand of wide pegs that will fit my XRR with no grinding,bending,torching or hitting with hammer required? And thank you.

I have read that some of the same name brands go on with no modifications and some do require a little. For the most part it is no real big deal in my own experience.

For instance I have the Tusk brand pegs on my 650R. They required a little peg pin hole cleanup for the pin to slide through without hanging up. A little filing with a round file did the trick. I also had to file some minor burrs and slight uneven casting thickness of the mount tabs for them to slide into the peg bracket. That was another no big deal.

One thing I will tell you as my own personal opinion, I DID NOT like the raised center teeth. They were raised about 4-5mm. I thought it was a novel idea when I bought them but proved to be a bother to me. I ground them down and reprofiled new teeth with a grinder & dremel. What I do like about them after I modified them is that they are even wider than the IMS pegs on my CR250.

Moose makes some nice looking pegs with an interesting tooth design but the ones I have seen are raised in the center as well.

As for IMS, I have read that guys have fit them with no issues and also with minor fitting with a file as well. IMS pegs are flat. As was mentioned above, I have IMS Pro-Series pegs on my CR250 and like them. They had come on the bike when I bought it though.

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