Broken chain guide mount.

Thought I got off a little easy on my son's last get off!:thumbsup: Thought it only cost me a hot start lever and some scratches.But When he was washing the bike today and going through everything I noticed the sprocket looking a little funny.I've seen the other post on broken welds but this broke the bracket. Looks like it will cost a rear sprocket,possibly a chain,chain guide,cause it cut through the outer piece and plastic skid and one heck of a good tig welder.

Any thoughts on repairing,do I need to take the swing arm off?Can I get a whole new bracket to be welded on?And do you think I should replace the chain?My gut feeling say's "yes"





Yes, you need to remove the swingarm.

If it was me I would have them weld a small plate right over the cracked area after grinding off the old weld.

Then, grind off the old weld on the other side and put a real bead on it there too.

I also have my guy cap off the ends with aluminum plates and weld.

Find a good welder to do it though. I brought mine to a guy that builds race cars.

Lastly, ditch that aluminum chain guide and go with a TM unit. It will absorb and flex instead of distributing the impact directly to the mount.

A crack in that spot is super common for the X's. I have had at least 9 of them crack there (all different bikes). I never use an aluminum chain giude, only a plastic TM Design.

Can anyone recommend a good welder in the San Bernadino-Riverside area?Hemet to be exact.

Ok swing arm is off,found a recomended welder.One thing I read about and kinda knew but forgot about that stupid little clip on the back of the brake lever bolt.Hanked up the first couple of threads on the bolt before I wondered whats up.Broke the clip, the bolt housing stayed fine.I think I'm just gonna locktite the bolt and shine the darn clip.:thumbsup:

Had the same thing happen during a race last year (my only DNF).


Pulled the swing arm and took it to a local custom chopper guy who charged $50.00 to clean it up & re-weld it for me. I thought it was a hell of a good price too considering the front & rear mounts were warped and needed to be straightened as well.


The aftermarket chain guide puts up with abuse a lot better than the stock one did.

It might just be me but the pics make your chain look really strange. Id replace it to be safe.

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