Selling XR400, up / downgrading to different bike - HELP


ive got an XR400 at the moment that im selling and im changing bikes, im tossing up between an XR250L a TTR250, or a CRF450X.

i was set on a larger size 4 stroke because i like the extra power, but i spent 2 weeks on an XR250L in thailand on a holiday recently and found it suited me a lot better than the XR400 i had at home.

it was a lot lighter, not as much power but the power seemed to deliver better, and was much easier to ride and throw around a track than my XR400.

ive had a TT350 in the past, and found that a bit heavy, but i like the look of the TTR250, is it a heavy bike? will it have the power / torque i like? i like the idea of being able to pull the front wheel up without having to clutch it (power only) will i get that on a TTR250??? i know i wont on the XR250L but can i do a power upgrade to it so that i can?

any info would be appreciated ive never spent so much time on deciding which bike to get its doing my head in.

I never understood what one guy said that its not about the CC of the bike, but the bike being suited to the rider, the smaller XR250L seemed to suit me a lot better, as girly as that might sound !!!

I've never had a TTR but apparently they are really heavy, I would look in the Yami forums for more accurate info. While you're there you might poke arount the WR250 forums because it sounds to me like that may be a better option then a TTR for you.

Also, if you're thinking about going to a XR250 then I think it must be a typo when you say you're considering the CRF450X. Seems to me like you would be wanting to look at the smaller bike there too. I guess the real decision would be if you want the maintenance hassles of the CRF but the newer technology or sticking with the XR.

Yes the TT-R is heavy. The power characteristic is very similar to an XR 250R. I'm assuming both the XR 250R and TT-R 250 are a hair faster than the 250L because the dual sport versions of bikes are generally slower than their dirt only counterparts. If you don't have the speed itch, the TT-R 250it'll get the job done.

The 450x is in a whole different league. If you thought the power delivery of an XR 250L was cool, you'll probably be overwhelmed with the X.

What exactly are you looking for in terms of power output and delivery? What about weight? Are there any features you're looking for in particular (USD forks, e-start, etc.)?

Being a previous xr250L owner, id have to say that the 250L is a real dog compared to the xr400. maybe you should consider the CRF250X or WR250 like Psycelt sugested. TTR250 is comparable to the crf230. neither of these bikes are going to compare powerwise to the xr400.

Also as far as weight goes, i think the xr250L and xr400 wiegh almost the same, but the 250 is lower which is nice if you are shorter.

crf450x has godlike power.

well i do enjoy the rediculous power of the WR450F, ive rode them a few times, havnt actually riden a crf450x yet.

but just from going from my XR400 to the XR250L i can honestly say that extra power doesnt mean you can ride the bike any better.

so thats why i was looking at the XR250L or the TTR250.

i do like the big bore thumpers though.

the CRF230 is a heap, by heap i mean underpowered to buggery, i think the TTR250 would have quite a bit more balls than the CRF.

and i can also say the XR250L, well the one i rode anyways, weighed a significant amount less than the XR400, for starters its a thiner bike.

i hear the CRF250X has big problems also, but i was looking at them anyways, watched a few you-tube videos and they look like loads of fun, seem to ride more like a 350 - 400 rather than a 250.

im 6ft tall, about 86 - 87 kgs. can i do much to the XR250L motor to get more out of it? same with the TTR ???

i hear the CRF250X has big problems also, but i was looking at them anyways, watched a few you-tube videos and they look like loads of fun, seem to ride more like a 350 - 400 rather than a 250.

Just keep a spare head around and ready to bolt up, and it should be fine. :thumbsup:

The XR250L Starts out a dog but it can be made just as strong as an XR250R.

Weightwise the Stock 250L is slightly heavier than the XR400 but has alot more things to strip off and make lighter. Check out Rick Ramsey's write up, he got is 250L within a few lbs of his 250R.

I ride an XR400R myself(03'), I'm a true blue yamaha man to the core as well. :thumbsup: This is the first Honda I've owned since I was seven, and I got the XR because I wanted something reliable, simple, and with plenty of torque/power to ride the trails while I got back into riding dirt bikes.

Thats kinda contridictory isn't it?

No, its not. My last motorcycle was a TT-R 225 (02-03'), the bike was a blast and bullet proof, though at the time I was 14-16 when I had it. It had gobs of power as I remember.

But anyways thats beside the point, about six months ago when I got my XR400, my cousin wanted to get into riding with me, so he went to buy a dirtbike, he initially looked at the Crf230/ttr-230, but I talked him into a leftover TT-r 250 they had on the lot, it was the last year model they made, well let me tell you, that thing seems like it is electric powered compared to my Xr400. It felt like my TT-R 225 had more power than that thing, keep in mind my TTR had a pipe, but no pipe is going to make that kind of differance I felt.

His TTR feels lighter than my xr, I wouldn't say its a heavy bike. But I'm used to riding trail bikes and heavier machines.

I rode my uncles 03' Cr250r this weekend, GOD that thing is a nasty machine, its down right scary. I don't know why anyone would want to buy one of those to ride trails lol!

I was considering buying a 250 2 smoke or racing 450 4 stroke this summer to piddle around at the track and play with, but that power seems like too much lol, I'll probably ride it more, and get a good feel for it, and still get the 250 2smoke/450 four stroke anyways, because I feel like I may want the power later.

I switched from XR400 to CRF450X in 07. I was looking for more power and much nimbler handling. In stock form, the 450X power is very manageable, and the bike is a real pleasure to ride. Only mod required is rejet, as it comes from the factory very lean. The bike becomes an absolute power monster when you do the mods......pipe and header, open up airbox, rejet, replace stock air filter, smog block off, pink wire, etc... If you leave it stock, other than fixing the factory lean condition, it is more like an XR400 on steroids, but not arm ripping or anything like that.

The other thing that will make a big difference on the 450X is changing the front springs to your weight and replacing the horrible stock fluid with something decent. Makes a huge difference in suspension front and rear.

With stock gearing it will outclimb the XR400 all day long. It is truly a tractor in 1st and 2nd.

IMO time. You feel more comfortable on the XR250L? Look at the XR250R. They are a great ride all day type bike. It is all about how you feel on the bike. Go try a TTR you might like it...might not. The other bikes you might like are the CRF250X or the WR250. You might even like a KDX200/220 smoker (OMG).

I can see how the XR400 can be an handfull. Mine is a handfull some days for me and I am 230 lbs and an average rider. My bro has a XR200 and I love to whip that bike around. I will ride it this weekend. It is all good for me.

As for the is like my is like sitting on a race horse. Talk about power and torque. Those 450X's are monsters and will thrash everything in its path. Crazy fast.

I would ride them like you did the 250L. You might give you more to think about...I hate that. This dirt bike stuff is complex...LOL Have fun. KJR

why not a XR250R?

why not a XR250R?

With a dual-sport kit! That is a nice bike.

Not that I am biased but, a used XR250R in decent shape is a great ride for trails and meets the flickable/nimbleness factor a little better than an XR 400 does even though it weighs only a little less. It feels much smaller to me. My friend has an XR 400 modded with a pipe and it has a ton of power but for the fast twisty trails I like my 250 better.

You can ride them stock or open them up and do some mods to make more power for not a lot of $. I bought mine new in 99, did the gordon mods and loved it for 9 years. I just finsihed installing a 76mm (272cc) big bore kit to freshen it up and give it a little more juice. I love this bike in the woods and can smoke my buddies 400 on the tighter trails. He pulls ahead on the fire roads but not by more than a bike length going through all the gears.

If you want a newer model, the CRF 230 is a decent bike and comes with the magic (E-start) button. These can also be modified fairly cheaply and there is a ton of info here and ( has a long right-up on how to do it. It's also a flickable decent trail bike that does well in the woods and with some mods, can be fast.

The bigger bike like my friends 400, or the 450 I got to ride a few weeks ago, make almost too much power for some of the trails we have here. When it's slimy and wet they spin the tire pretty easily with all that power and if you ride all day the 400 gives you quite a workout throwing that extra weight around on technical trails (not trying to start an agument here).

Good luck on your decision. Please let us know what you choose and how you like it.

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