Hard Starting and Backfiring Questions

I just finish putting a 9 oz flywheel weight on my girlfriends bike and I am having a hard time starting it when it's cold. Once I get the bike running it will stall out a few times before she can get on it and ride. Then once is warmed up it will backfire when she lets off the gas. Any Ideas

Sounds like a jetting problem. Have you rejetted it. Mine was hard to start and ran lean from the factory. I have a 9oz flywheel weight and it did not change the way it ran except slow down the revs. I would think it had more to do with humity / temp changing seasons. Hopefully this helps you.

Well I answered some of my own questions reading other posts. My hard starting issue was helped by pumping the throttle four times before starting. This seems to work great. The bike started on the 3rd try.

Now the backfiring! I pulled the plug and had a look. In it from the dealer was a NKG CR9EH 9 , and the bike should've had a 8. So I gaped it put it in and no problems. No she needs to ride it!

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