good news 08 rmz 450

The bike is bad ass. Im 37 Ive had many bikes. Its unreal. No problems, turns on a dime, but the motor is unbelieveable. Any doubters need to ride one and be able to buy one. They wouldnt say bad stuff then.:thumbsup:

how is the suspension.

plush or hard

very plush but set up with a 5.2 stock spring on the rear which is for about 165 pounder.

It felt a little stiffer to me than previous rmzs I weigh 175.

I thought the motor was pretty weak really

Weak? You Can Be In Fourth Gear Half Throttle Twist A Little More And It Stands Up Like A Rice Burner The Motor Is Unreal For Sure The Best Part Of The Bike

I agree 3250 i do wonder if he was riding on pavment they would feel slow then ha ha

I thought the motor was pretty weak really

No offense, but because your test ride was just in a yard, not on a trail / track or in a race, your impression of power could not have been accurate.

In just a straight-line pull, any bike that rev's fast and high, will always "feel" more powerful, even if it isn't. It's when you are pulling hard out of a deep rut or through a rhythm section at part throttle that gives you a true impression of hook up power. And that's where the RMZ shines.

Live with it for a few laps and then you'll know.

whos test ride was in a yard? mine was on a turn track with a wide open straight and it wasnt a test i own the bike.

sorry the spring is a 5.6 not 5.2 but still very plush and not hard hitting.

he must ride a ktm 4500 thats all i can guess ktms are very weak

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