Kick Start not working

OK, a couple of weeks ago my tranny went out on my 05 CRF.

I pulled the engine and had a buddy of mine do the work on the trans.

He told me its done, I put it back in the bike, hook everything up and put the kickstart on and guess what......nothing.

Its not grabbing anything. The bike has compression because when I bolted the counter sprocket on, I could feel it, but the kickstart feels like its not pushing against anything.:thumbsup:


1. can the right side cover be pulled without removing the engine from the frame?

2. what should I be looking for once I'm in there

3. does anyone have any pictures or a PDF of the manual they would be willing to post or email?

Thanks tons.

Yes you can pull the case with out tking the motor out. Sounds like the gears are not lined up correctly. Possibly put one of the rachet gears in backwords. so when you go to kick it is in free spin instead of engaging.

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