Another fork question: Pushing down on forks, seem to "grab" about the first 2 inches

Posted a similar question a week ago and got a few informational tips, but nothing has worked. What's happening (not sure if this is really even a problem) is when I slowly push down on the front forks with front brake on, they seem to want to "grab" about the first 2 inches and do not re-bound back unless I compress beyond th 2 inches. I tried a few times to re-align wheel, loosen triple clamps, etc. Nothing seems to make a change? Should I not worry about it? Or will I get a smoother ride if they slid up and down "like a greased pig" Ideas?

Have you changed the oil? because if you haven't this is the first thing that I would do. Old oil isn't good for wear on components or the performance of the suspension parts. You should change fork/shock oil every 20-25 hrs for top performance, but I wouldn't let it go any more than double that.

so "old" fork oil can cause the forks to grab the first few inches when compressed slowly with front brake pulled?

I wouldn't say that the oil is the problem. I have exactly the same issue, and everybody I know with CRF's has the same problems, worth saying is maybe that they're all 04s. Maybe it's something with the fork seals. But I changed oil, and all seals and stuff in the fork with no change.

I live with it, it doesn't bother me, and it doesn't do anything performancewise.

cool, thanks.....BTW mine is an '05

I think the forks are the same. But don't worry if it's nothing more then just annoying.

my 04, and my friends 04 does the same thing. I asked mechanic out at my local track and he said not to worry about it

Yeah if you want to get crazy about it i'd get some new seals. If they don't leak they are good to me.

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