TTR250 info


im thinking of getting a TTR250, but im worried about a few things, weight / power mainly.

i had a TT350 years ago which was a great bike, but too heavy, is the ttr250 better in this department?

i currently have an XR400R which is too heavy and im selling it and either getting a CRF450X a TTR250 or an XR250L and cant decide which one to buy.

can you get the TTR250 up on one wheel without clutch play ?? off the power only, and if so how many gears can you do it in?




I don't believe the weight is an issue having the great trail manners of this bike. The power is a personnel choice thing. If your looking for a powerful trail bike, I don't think the TT-R250 would be the best pick IMO coming from a 400 cc motor. There is a sticky about uncorking the TT-R250 along with a 12 tooth front sprocket will get the wheel up on power alone at least through second gear. The TTR is a great trail bike for it's intended purpose and is pretty much bullet proof. The CRF450X will creme the TTR but may be heavier as well.......test ride them and good luck!

i would have thought the CRF450X would be lighter than the TTR250 alluminium frame and all

I owned a TT350 and would say the TTR250 is just as heavy because of the weight of the E start system. Decent trail bike, though.

My 2 cents: The TTR 250 is heavy, very heavy.

Great for trails and don't seem to brake when I dump it.

i always thought that when i owned a bike, and ive had a few, that ever time round i'd just get a bigger one again, but i heard a guy on here say its not all about power, its about being suited to the bike.

i know what he means after spending 2 weeks on an XR250L in thailand, i could ride the crap out of that bike.

im thinking the TTR might suit me, i need to find one of these 12 toothies to give one a go though.

Here is the info I got for a 12 tooth

Primary Drive Front Sprocket 12 Tooth - 1999 Yamaha TTR250 Part# 1021470115 8.99 1 $8.99

Now granted this is from

I see your not in the USA, so not sure where you can go for parts. I think that parts number was from there catalog.

IMO: it made a HUGE differance!!!

Hey Wes,

I currently have a TT350, TTR250 and DRZ250. The TTR was my girlfriends bike, but she is giving up riding so i'll be selling that next week. I have just bought the DRZ250 to replace my TT350, as I find the electrics and suspension is just not good enough on the 350.

Anyway for a direct comparison, The TTR and TT are pretty close to the same weight. But the TTR carries its weight higher and it feels about the same weight as a xr400. The TTR power isnt too bad, but you will definitly have to do all the mods, and you still wont be happy with the weight feeling.

So i chose a DRZ250 as it is about 2-3kg lighter than the TTR, the weight feels lower, the suspension is more adjustable And I've just order a 300cc wiseco kit from USA to *hopefully* bring the power back up to what I was used to with my 350.

Anyway PM me if you need help with your desicion or if you are interested in buying my GF's TTR, or even trying it out if you live near Brisbane.

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