Help a newb out with the right sproket combo

I'm getting back into dirtbikes after 20 years now that my oldest son (8) is starting into it. I picked up a '97 yz250 yesterday. It needs the chain & sprockets replaced. 13-49 with a 520 DID chain right now. I read up in the Tech section & searched some threads to try to get up to speed. I won't be racing, mostly goofing on my property & hitting the local spots with my son...some tracks, but just for fun. We do have a place in Michigans U.P. which gives me access to tons of two tracks, fire lanes & wide orv trails. I don't plan on much tight stuff ever. I'm looking for a gearset to make it a little more manageable down low for someone like me. I don't need to win any holeshots. I've really barely ridden this yet, just going thru it all first. This may be the right set up for me, I just really don't know.

Also once I choose a set, is there anything wrong with going with the cheaper priced sprokets and chains for my usage. Or are there ones to definetly not use. In reality it will be alot more easy riding than any hardcore action. And what's the deal with the o-ring vs heavy duty? I would assume I'd use an o-ring right?

Thanks for the help.

I liked the 13/50 or 51 on the 97 yz 250 I had. Top speed was still enough and the bike pulled harder out of corners. The stock 49 rear felt a little doggy. The 50/51 rear also made the slow speed operation of the bike much easier.

The o ring chains last along time and will prevent the sprockets from wearing so fast. No reason to spend an arm and a leg on sprockets. Steel rear sprockets last. Aluminum is lighter and is considered the "race" choice, but they do wear faster.

Perfect. Thank you.

I know this is thumpertalk and all but if you want halfway decent stuff at a good price go to Order up their primary drive steel sprocket kit with either an oring or xring chain. Its less than $100 for everything.

14/50 is a good combo, its not to low and not to high so its good for all around. +1 for the o-ring chain.

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