06 crf250x wheel on my 01 cr250

Alright I found a descent deal on Craigslist and wanted an opinion on running an 06 crf 250x rear wheel on my 01 cr250. I know my stock wheel is a '19x2.15 and the crf one is '19x1.85. I've heard they will fit but what about the difference in width, will it matter and could I still run a 110 tire? what do you guys think?

It shoudl work. As long as it fits on the Swingarm properly. I dont think that width is very crucial. Your traction will probably change

yes it will fit, but the crf250X wheel is not a 19 unless the previous owner changed it... the X models came with an 18" wheel

Ok I picked up the wheel, what is the correct tire size to run? I'm thinking since my '19 wheel uses 110/90/19, I should run 120/90/18 on the new wheel. And would I use a sprocket from the 01 cr250 or the crf 250x?

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