steering damper ???

anyone running a steering damper on there klx? if so what one do you all prefer and why. there are a few out there and im not sure which one is going to be the best for me. i do alot of trail riding in the hills. up and down hills that vary from very rutted to loose shail to big rocks. im leaning towards the scotts. whats your opinions

GPR or Scotts are what most people run here. Pick your flavor.

I have the Scotts with the IMS 3.1 tank. Installed very easily with perfect fitting and machined parts. I run the submount in order to raise the bars some. No complaints. I do feel it has saved me on more than one occasion as I run the bike in District 37 desert races.

doesnt the scotts only dampen from center out? thats why i wanted some opinions.i think the gpr is supose to dampen center out and back. do you think it would help if it dampened from outside radius back to center also? sometimes i will be in a turn and catch a rock or tree root on the inside jerking the bars back towards center.

scotts is center out only but you can adjust the break away point, gpr dampens in both directions, no adjustable point. i have a gpr v4 sub mount w/ a scotts post mount because i also have an IMS 3.2g tank...

I have a GPR and the main reasons I choose it over the Scotts is the price and the large adjustment knob. It makes making adjustments on the fly easy.

I went with the Scotts. I didn't want the back to center dampering. Also went with the sub mount to stretch things out a bit.

Been using Scotts for years and been happy with performance and customer service.

Have friends using GPR for years also, also happy with performance and customer service.

I bought my first Scotts before GPR was available, freinds bought GPR's when they were cheap and had District 37 race support. We've all stuck with our original choices.

Take your choice, I can't come up with really good reason to recommend one over the other.

thanks for all the input. i ended up getting the gpr v4 under the bar mount. im very happy with the performance so far. it really takes alot of the stress out of your arms, and builds confidence in areas that normally would have been death grip rated. i would like to try the scotts just for a comparison, but have no complaints with the gpr

Fits perfect. :thumbsup:



what is the adjustment knob for? I feel like i need to put a dampener on my bike but am kinda new to the concept.

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