My 2002 YZ426F

Hey guys. I just got my first dirt bike a couple weeks ago. I have been riding street for a few years but I have wanted to try dirt for awhile.

The day I got it....












Thanks for looking!


Haha nice bike me and you have the same graphics on the same year of bike WOOO! Btw whats up with the exhaust end cap man thats ugly on the first few pics?

lol I couldnt tell you bro... But ill sell it to you ha ha ha

lol I couldnt tell you bro... But ill sell it to you ha ha ha

Lol you couldnt give me that thing.

OUCH! lol

I had one they are a fast bike....................but dont crash it and try starting it again holy crap its a bitch and they are just very heavy but for the dunes they are the balls

Nice bike, like what you have done to it.


That's quite a first dirt bike. I had an 01 and know they are fast, but don't handle very well. You got that one looking good!

Nice bike, no go make some noise! :thumbsup:

Very nice.

Some black number plate backgrounds would really set it off!

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