Want new MX bike but can't decide.

Hi I want to get a new motocross bike but I can't choose which one:excuseme: . I read my magazine articles but they always point me in a different direction:naughty:. I cant decite from the SXF250, KXF250, CRF250, RMZ250, and YZF250. I will be using for motoross, I want a brand new 2008, and I want it to handle good, have really good power and suspension.:thumbsup:

yzf250 they are really reliable, where are you at in Texas?

They are all good. They then can be made to fit you even better. I bought a KLX450 last May and what I did was sat on the bikes I was choosing from and the one that felt the best to me is what I bought. Obviously if you can ride them that should help you decide if you have that kind of accsess(sp?).

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