Travis Pastrana Skydives without a Parachute

is there anything that guy won't do.

I dont think so.

That guy was dropped many times on his head.

its all about ' trust ' this time round .

I thought that dude WITH the parachute was gonna do sumthin else for a second there!

LOL did you catch what he says as hes jumping out the door with a red bull . . . . . " hope this stuff works" lol good little referrence to the redbull "it gives you wings" . . that cracked me up.

It's funny it took me a few seconds to realize what Travis was missing when he leaped out of the plane.

Travis for President!

Repost!! :thumbsup:

but its still cool to pass on to others.




........... bahhh :thumbsup:

Im waiting for his .

Double back flip while drinking a can of redbull while taking photos of the photographers taking photos of him.

Then I'll be impressed . >:thumbsup:




........... bahhh :thumbsup:

Haha, I like the repostpics.. :ride:

And Pastrana is one brave "kid"..

// Anders

what a tard

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