splitting cases 99 rm250

hey guys doing a bottom end rebuild soon, curious if there is anything i should know about splitting these cases?

do i really need a case splitter? ( i was told a rubber mallot would do just fine)

while im in there what should i replace other than the obvious, crank bearing seals, etc

ne thing in the tranny that should be replaced?

bike runs awsome as of now, just trying to keep it that way!!!!

thanks for the help!


If you ever plan on getting into the cases again, the caveman route may not be the best plan. Rockymountainmc.com has some nice crank pullers/splitters at good prices, I bought a set and it made the job so much nicer. Get your factory manual, and a ton of zip lock platic bags, and label everything. This is the biggest tip I can offer, stay organized. Use a clean workspace and youll be done in no time. I would normally want to replace crank bearings and seals even if i cant prove they are worn, because who wants to have to go back in anytime soon. If you feel any play in the big end bearing then its got to go too. I used a complete hot rods kit, and its fit was perfect. You will need a gasket kit,and blue locktite as well.

If your bike shifts fine, then leave the trans alone.

Replace all the seals and the main bearings and have the crank rebuilt.

If you do not have a crank splitter, then bring the engine to a dealership with all the left side screws removed (and oil drained) and have them split it. Also plan on cleaning all of the gunk out of the bottom of the trans.

Also, before you do anything, wash off your bike. 2 or 3 times if it's really bad, that alone will save you time and effort.

Read through this post a few times.


Like mentioned baggies for all the nuts, bolts and parts. Label the bags from where the parts came from and it makes sure they all go back and nothing left over.

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