Front brake revisted.

Ok I am coming to the conclusion that brembos really are no good.

On my second front master cylinder, I have a very interesting problem.

If I pull the lever fairly quickly, the brake lever feels firrm. Now if I pull slowly, the lever will come all the way back to the bars...

Now for an even more interesting action, rolling the bike around and applying the brake, it grabs and as I roll the bike forwards or backwards the brake goes other words the lever begins to head for the bars and the brake disappears...

Any ideas?

Should I just toss this one? and chnage over to something else?

some ideas please thanks...

Sounds like you master cylinder is passing.

Ok it appears that I may have found the rebuild kit for these masters...As I find out more Ill let you know.

I have to agree with it being the master, if it was the caliper you would be leaking fluid out of it.

Yep master. BTW, been riding Huskys for years and have had little to no brake issues and really like the brakes on these bikes. :thumbsup:

I've had 4 newer Huskys with Brembos(still have 3) and never had a real problem with them.I have overheated the rear brake, over doing the dragging thing in a tight woods section. It was on the 125, I was trying to keep ,the motor on the boil and boiled the rear brake instead.:thumbsup: Like Kelly, I really like the Brembos.


Hi ,

I'm in the LOVE brembo camp, no problems and have better feel to me than Nissin...

It may help to clarify what bike /brake set-up you are using, as I know nothing of the 320mm s-moto brakes.


been on Brembos for years with KTM and now HVA,, only have done the Norm thing with my 250EXC while doing too much rear dragging in the Tecate switch backs.

When servicing I use Maxima brake fluid (550 degree? I think its called) and Braking CM44 pads never have trouble.

Did I tell to you how good the TXC450 is...blah blah.......with OEM brakes set up!!

Coming off Nissin's, the Brembo's took a little while to get used to, but I love them now, they have saved me more than once. They actually prevented two collisions yesterday, one with an ill angled tree, and helped me divert off trail to avoid running over my downed buddy on his Katoom... maybe I should have run him over.:thumbsup:

05 te 250 ...I bought a second master to have as a spare...the stock one that was on the bike was doing the same felt like there was air in it..never got get any type of brake action, had to have it pulled all the way I changed the master to my "good" used one...and it is doing what I said above...pull it quick, it grabs...but eventually releases...if I pull slowly to try to modulate braking, it just keeps pulling back to the bars...and since Brembo does not have a rebuild kit..i don't have the $$ to be buying a new master... so I guess it's time to get somethign that is rebuildable..

I was told that more then likely the piston has a leak it is trash..

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