New to this whole XR250 thing !

Hello and what a great resource. I just purchased a 1985 XR250. I want to set it up before I take it through it's paces for the first time. Being an older bike, what are the pitfalls of this particular bike that I should be careful of ? I'm 250 lbs so what is the best way to setup the rear suspension as stiff as possible ? The old owner put a new spring in the rear last year but do I need to get something stiffer ? What's the best way to tell ?

I have been searching around for 2 days before I posted and see bits and pieces but hoped someone could give me some specific suggestions.

Thanks a bunch !!!


There is quite a lot of information that has already been posted about the issues surrounding 84 and 85 model XR250s. Searching for "84 xr250" yields 6 pages of results.

Your spring choice is pretty limited at this point. Your best bet is to talk to a suspension shop and see what they can get you.

Hey, I also just picked up an '85 XR250 a couple weeks ago! Also in BC! Where abouts are you from?

From what I've picked up, 84-85 xr250's had some issues with heat, so frequent oil changes are important. Good luck, and have fun!

Hey guys,

I rebuilt an '84 XR250 from a basket case, it had a stuffed big end amongst other issues. It had been a pony express bike and one of the previous owners put in a 280 bore kit. It has been a real learning curve!!!

I'm 6'4'' and 80 odd kilos. It goes well on the whole but I find I need to change the oil every 600km and oil filter every 1200. I'm adding bar risers as the ergos aren't so crash hot for me when I stand up.

Some off the parts are obsolete so you need to get creative sometimes. Honda feels the existing parts are a license to print money... Aus$215 for a kickstarter lever... Grrrr! And there's not as much after market as you might wish as they are more concerned with the newer bikes.

On the whole I love the bike though and people have commented on the great condition it's in. Other guys I know have regreted getting rid of their XR/XL of similar vinatge.

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