Help-Crank Blueing-Is this OK-Pics Included

Hey Gang, I am in the middle of my 1st top end tear down after what I think(have heard-thanks guys!) was a piston detonation. I was able to get the piston off today and start inspection of what I could see of the crank. The con rod and crank turn nice, I didn't hear any noise, or feel any excessive play at the rod/crank connection. The only thing I did notice was some blueing on the crank right next to the con rod. I am hoping this is normal but like I said I am a beginner when it comes to engine rebuilds. Any advise is much appreciated... please see pics below.




Perfectly normal. The bluing occurs during the manufacturing process. Had your crank overheated, it would be covered with burnt oil and the rod seized!

No worries.

Hey Thanks William1. :thumbsup: That is what I was hoping. I am really trying to do this rebuild on the cheap.

Now I have to find a valve spring compressor that I can borrow, rent, buy.

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