How to apply new graphics to gas tank???

I've heard a lot of different methods but I wanna ask the specific question: What are the proper steps to prepare the gas tank and apply the new factory effex stickers?

Ive heard of acetone to seal the outside of the tank, ive heard using soap and water or windex to apply graphics. What have you guys done and what kind of results? Ive got a 04 YZ450. Thanks!!

I've always just used clean water in a spray bottle on a fine mist setting. I spray the back of the sticker and to the surface of whatever piece your installing the graphic on. just start on one end and work your way to he other, not sticking the whole graphic on at once. Just take your time. And always start with clean hands. As for sealing out the fumes from seeping through the tank and turning the graphics a brown color. I'm not sure how to stop that from happening.

the tank graphics on the 2003 - 2005 yz 250f and 450 are super easy, just eye up where they got to go and then put them on. start from one end to another. if u want you can take a damp sponge and just whipe it across the area where your putting the graphics on too. then just let it sit over night and it will be good in the morning..

hope that helps

ive done a few bikes as for a major school project i did graphics and had to research how to apply them..

1. you can stick them on dry but if you make a mistake you pay

2. the easiest way put them on wet, this involves putting soap and water in a spray bottle place it on mist and spray it on both the back of the graphics and the plastic you are placing it on, the soapy water allows you to put the sticker in place and move it etc. you then use your hand, a like sponge type thing or whatever works best and smooth over the graphics causing the water to flow out from under the graphics, once it drys they are then allowed to stick.. be patient it can take awhile

I just did my first set of graphics yesterday, and they turned out great. Keep in mind, I am not known for my patience, nor my 'artistic' abilities.

So with that in mind, here is how I did them. I will post pictures tonight when I get home.

1. Used hair dryer and fingernail to peel off all the old factory stickers.

2. Got off all the old glue with a bottle of 'store brand' wax/grease remover. (It contained Naptha and something else, and it said it leaves no residue, I got it from an automotive paint supply store)

3. Then, one by one, placed graphics by hand and did a dry fit just to get an idea of where the bends were.

4. sprayed the section of the bike I was working on with Windex (100% strength from the bottle, no dilution)

5. Turned on hair dryer.

6. Peeled off sticker and carefully placed one edge where I had dry fitted.

7. Then used my thumb to work the graphics, while using the dryer at the same time to soften the sticker so it could be worked into place.

It was actually much easier than I originally thought it would be. The only stickers I had a problem with were 2 small stickers that were on the front fender. You can see the windex through them because they are clear, If I can still see the Windex through them by tonight I will remove them and find "non-clear" stickers to replace them.

Good Luck.

All of the above tips are great. I prefer a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in my spray bottle though. Another important aspect is prepping the tank itself.

1. Remove tank from bike and petcock from tank itself.

2. Wash tank thoroughly inside and out with soap and water.

3. Comletely dry tank inside and out.

4. Prep surface with acetone.

5. Apply graphics

6. Once applied, don't put fuel in for a couple of days.

7. If you really want them to last, remove and drain the tank when the bike is going to sit for a while.

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