Stator pickup coil

Just a quick question for those more knowledgable than myself.

I have lost spark on my '01 WR426F and traced it back to the stator. Stator itself looks good, the only thing i noticed was the wires on the coil pickup ( i think thats what its called) on the outside of the rotor that seem to be sealed with some type of resin. well part of that resin has cracked and broken away leaving the inside of the wire exposed. WILL THIS SHORT OUT THE SYSTEM? and if so what is this resin type stuff covering it, and where can i find some? Or will it just be cheaper to pull it out and take it to an auto-electrician to sealit back up?

Thanks Stevo...

I had a similar problem last year - the pickup coil is not serviceable - if it is bad it needs to be replaced. The problem is, it is not sold separately - but I was luck enough to find someone parting out another Yamaha - and they were willing to part with the pickup - I think I paid $30 - much better than the $250 stator assembly. Hope this helps.

I replaced the stator and pickup for around $85. Seems cheap considering a failure could leave you stranded in a bad way.

just a quick follow up. I ended up speaking with an auto electrician, and showed him, he said it shouldnt affect it, but i could put a small amount of 2-part epoxy on it to cover the end of the wire. The loss of spark was found to be actually caused by the woodruff key being sheared and the rotor free spinning. :eek:

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