puffs of black smoke when revving

i just changed the oil put in regular repsol 10-40 oil in to the exact suzuki spec. the level is bang on . so i have the motor warm and i come back and rev it and start noticing a little puffs of black smoke out the exhaust pipe when i give it a good little rev. is this normal for a carburator? i mean i dont think i have ever seen smoke coming from the exhaust. i know for a fact i did not overfill the oil so i wonder what it could be:bonk: ? should i be looking for something else? could it be the jetting?

Sounds like it could be running a little on the rich side. Is the bike totally stock?

ya its funny i have never seen it ,but than again i ride solo a lot so no one to tell me . i usually just let it warmup and ride , come back and kill it. i never really rev it at idle so maybe its the first time i noticed it? I would relate it to sometimes you see a car floor it and sometimes a little puff of black smoke comes out. the bike was jetted by a professional(not sure what jet or specs he did it to), 3x3 mod, k&n,muzzy full exhaust, 14t front sprocket. the motor is stock so not sure. i could take a quick video of it tommorrow and post it up. i did notice a prononced gasoline smell from the exhaust pipe but, the bikes been jetted for over a month and ran great. kinda stumpped?:thumbsup:

Cleaned your air filter lately ?

Cleaned your air filter lately ?

its a fairly new k&n. maybe a month with it on? i never have ridden dirt either. i will try to take a little video tommorrow and post it. :thumbsup:

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