I need a vacation!!!!

I live in Phoenix and it's already hotter than hell. If any of you readers live somewhere that resembles the below description, let me know, the ground I ride has'nt seen a drop of water in 100 years. :) I want trees, dirt that actually sticks in my tires, cooler temps, water crossings would be a plus, and little dust. The desert is getting old, and would love to pack it up this summer but picking a state, finding a trail, yeah right. Let me know.

Best riding i've ever encountered... no bull. Go here and check it out: www.bullrunguestranch.com . No disappointments guaranteed! Awesome riding, and very very friendly and helpful owners. We rode there for a full week and didnt cover all the trails. Also went through 13 beautiful creek crossings on one trail. Best time i've ever had on 2 wheels. Is in Montana... hope this helps! :)

How about Drummond Island Michigan. Go to the U.P. Hook a right and go till ya hit water. Ya have to take a ferry over there.

Its very isolated. Ya pretty much have to bring whatever ya need with ya because it will cost a fortune on the island.

THe trails are 60 some miles of the nasty'st single track in michigan. Rocks, trees and mud. The trails arn't very fast to run due to rocks and trees. But its adicting. After the first year there I swore Id never ride there again. But year after year I come back.

We are going there Memorial weekend to camp and ride. You can ride your bike pretty much anywere without getting bothered. There is like 1 cop on the island. In 3 years I have never seen him.

Sorry but I have no sympathy for you. Normally by this time of year I would be ridinmg in the mountains, but winter will not stop this year. We just got over one and a half feet of snow again today. Although IF and WHEN it ever melts there will be some huge amounts of mud and sticky loam to rip up. Right now I would appreciate some "dry" ground. Sorry for ranting,but enough snow already!!!!!

Yalwal, NSW, Australia.

Steep hills, fast open forest tracks, deep and shallow creek crossings, technical single track through heavily wooded areas.

Sand, rock, mud and dirt surfaces.

Conditions are perfect now in Autumn for riding - cool with little dust.

A bit hard to ride or trailer your bike over here, though ! You might need more than a week off work !

i'm in the desart too you can have this heat and i'll gladly go and play in the snow . it's a blast on two wheels with a paddle tire :):D:D

Western Washington has what your looking for. It doesn't rain as much during the 90 day window from July thru September! :)


Calgary, sounds really cold, but think about this one and Robswr426 will agree, you can pile on the clothes and get out there and ride when it's cold out, but try sitting on your bike with all your gear on including your helmet ready to go out riding and your goggles are all steamed up and sweat is running down your neck and you have'nt even left yet. 100 days over 100 degrees here in Phoenix in the summer. You could be buck naked out here and the heat would still be driving at you. P.S. I wash my bike with a bucket and a rag because it's dusty, not because it's dirty. There's one positive huh?

Come to California. Not too far away and great riding to be had. :)

Burchardi; I know snow riding is fun if a foot deep is all you are working with but the mountain trails here have that new foot and a half of snow on top of the eight to ten feet that winter left behind. My REAL problem is that it was Nov 11th the last time I saw the trails. Being hot with no streams to blast through must be a bummer but you can ride all year round, here it is usually a 6 months on 6months off sort of deal. Anyway try freezing your camelback and wear it under your flack. WE USually stud up the tires and go ice riding on the lakes and rivers but nothing beats the montains for fun . LOL WR Dave.

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i woke up to snow this morning. So come on up. It is cold Wet and mddy as hell. Be sure to wear your chest protector though cause when i roost you with mud there is a good chance there will be a few rocks in it. hahaha

Check out this link for places to ride in Washington (http://www.nmaoffroad.org/orvtrail.htm) . The weather at this time of the year is perfect to ride in because you don't get too hot. You can ride the single track with lots of mud one day, a local motocross track the next and 2 hours away you can ride the sand dunes.

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