Missing the timing mark......?

Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing but why do I not have the same timing mark as shown in the pictures? In the manual it shows one long mark that is about the length of the alignment hole on the stator cover. On mine though I only have the serial number, and then a wide H and then an I right beside it, but they are pretty small compared to what I've seen. I ended up just using the "I" because when I put a screwdriver down in the sparkplug hole that is where it would hit the highest. I haven't ran this yet so if I need to know something important or to change something, please let me know.

The Pic in the manual is a little different. You did the right thing. The I is what you go by not the H

Ok thanks alot. I'm going to start it tomorrow, so just wanted to be reassured.

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