Would you buy a used pro-practice bike?

I just got a number for a guy selling 08 450's for between 4 and 5,000. When I asked him why and how, he told me he has a deal with a local team ( wouldn't tell me who) to sell their practice bikes. I know they must have been ridden hard and he is trying to tell me no more then 30 hours on a factory maintained bike. My question is how good would the deal have to be to make it better then buying a new one? These all have pipes, suspension, and a few other goodies.

Trust me 30 hrs for them is like 90 hrs for the rest of us mortals. I used to know a factory mechanic and he did not do much of the wrenching on the practice bikes.

I wouldn't. I ride with some pros, and they beat the crap out of their practice bikes. They don't change the oil or anything because they don't care. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a race bike, but a pro's practice bike is often maintained (or rather not maintained) by the rider, not a mechanic.

Thanks guys! Thats what I was thinking, but my want for a new 08 kept clouding my better judgment. Thanks for being my voice of reason!

in 06 i bought a used pro practice bike and have had no problems with it runs perfect i paid 4400 for a rmz450 the team had it for 3 months.

i would, they are pros they cannot afford their bikes to break down or they suffer. they keep them maintained so they get the best performance wise, maybe more the race bikes but the practice bikes are still a key to them. the better maintained the better the rider will go

I was told they had these bikes for three months as well. I think I will check them out the way I normally check used bikes and go from there. I have only seen pictures so far. Anything beyond the normal checks you guys would look for?

he told me he has a deal with a local team ( wouldn't tell me who) to sell their practice bikes.

Kind of sucks he won't tell you WHO was riding them...Since they're a local team, you'd then be able to find out a little more about the bikes, how hard they were abused, and if the team is known for maintaining the bikes, or just beating the hell out of them then selling them...

I would never by any used bike without knowing at least a little history of it, especially a pro's practice bike...

For the right price I would consider it......but it would have to be darn cheap :thumbsup:


I didn't really push the issue as far as which team. It kind of sounded like I did with my first post, sorry. He told me a local team and the pictures I saw where of a 450 with San Manuel grafixs. No numbers on the bikes. But as I have only seen pictures (that could be of any 450) I didn't want to assume anything. He lives here in southern cali.

I was thinking of offering him 7000 for two, in case one was a lemon? :thumbsup:

Before you buy the bikes, I would check out the two lower frame rails to see how hard the bike has been "cased" and I would check out the steering stem area for cracked paint which may be signs of a stretched frame. If you buy the bikes, I would have the suspension serviced and have the wheels trued.

Dont do it! I've been down this road before. What a headache. I'll never do it again. It was like dressing up a Hooker and saying she is a virgin. Just not the same.

It was even worse when I tried to sell it. I learned my lesson and will never buy a Used pro's bike again. Just some advice. Live and learn.

It was like dressing up a Hooker and saying she is a virgin. Just not the same.


That is some funny s**t hill!

I think my sister looks pretty good when she puts on the librarian outfit.....

Way back when, in the 80's, a friend of mine bought a CR500 from a former Grand National flat track champion. It was only 2 years old, it was cheap, and had a new frame, new engine cases, new cylinder, new forks and shock, etc., etc., you know what I mean. Those guys ride hard, and for being only 2 years old and having all that new stuff, it was still beat.

Glad you guys enjoy the humor. Back in 94 I bought a 93 KX 500. What a bike. The pro I bought it from ( I wont give his name ) replaced everthing on that bike and gave me so many extras I thought I was in bike heaven.

First couple of months bike was great. Next couple of months things started to fall apart, hubs, suspension,and electrical. What a headache. I took a loss I'll never forget. Total bad luck. I'll take my chances with used bikes from trail riders with scratched up plastic but well maintained.

I found over the years that I can never ride the bikes I have to their full potential like a pro, so I'll keep what I have for awhile.

It sounds tempting, but I wouldn't do it. Just go to a local track and watch how hard the pros ride there bikes. If it was there race bikes, I would consider it.

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