Quick Disconnect Seat??

Is there any kind of fansteners i can use instead of the two bolts for my WR seat to allow me to remove it without tools? I was wondering cause it would make it easier for charging the battery and checking fuses and stuff........

Cable ties, thats what I have, any problems and I just tear them off and then put them back on as I always have a few in the fender bag

How about using the DZUS type fasteners similar to those used to keep the airbox sideplate in place?

Or the spring pull clips that rally teams use to fasten the hood on the car down.

My wxe360 came with a single dzus 1/4 turn fastener holding the back of the seat. It probably wouldn't be too hard to make them work on the WR.

:thumbsup: i use the clips u use on push bike front wheels (the kind that if u have a puncture you can take it off and put it back on again and is as tight as it should be)

All you do is get two of them, you should be able to get them from a bike shop and you just get the right size bolt that fits the thread in the bike, fit it to the clip side (may have to make a larger thread in the clip)and wala you screw it in, push it round, done the seat wont move for **** :ride:

Thanks for all the examples, I just have to find something to fit......

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