'98 400 to an '07 450

FINALLY rode the '07 the I've owned for 4 months for the first time today.

Did all the uncorking/jetting and whatnot in the winter. Fired right up and ran great, no bog, plenty of snap.

My first impression? Not dramatically faster than my '98 (some of the comments here had me thinking I'd flip it over first time I hit the gas), but there's definitely some more torque to work with. Even a little softer on the bottom end. Rode about 35 miles of mostly sand and it was much easier to keep the front up in the whoopy stuff. The lower CG keeps the bike from wanting to gyro as much. She's slightly easier to tug around than the '98 tank, but it's still a heavy bike at the end of the day. I think the bike is sneaky fast...I'll have to see when I'm riding with someone besides my 11 year old on an XR80!

I'm still fan! :thumbsup:

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