Uh oh???

So we had a race this Sunday and in the first turn I wrecked and then my brother ran into me and wrecked. We both got up and finished the moto and while he was going over his bike he noticed coolant on his boot. The top of the radiator was dented pretty badly and it looks like it lost most of the fluid. the moto was about 10 minutes long and the bike ran fine the whole time, never gave him any indication of overheating. Is there anything we should do to check it out to make sure it didn't overheat and cause any internal damage, or should he just replace the radiator and call it good since it ran fine till he turned it off??? Thanks for any help.

One word: Mylers

Call it good. These bikes can run pretty low and still stay cool enough if they are moving.

If you really want to be thorough, Ive had that problem before and I would recommend taking the cover off of your water pump and check to see that the seals arent melted or cracked. you may want to check the bearings as well to make sure they didnt get fried. as long as the h2o pump had some fluid running through it, it should be fine but just to be safe...

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