stock stickers falling off!

I've pressure washed the bike 4 or 5 times now and I'm losing all my stickers :) The only ones that seem to be stuck on good are the ones on the tank???Is this typical of yamaha stickers or are aftermarket ones prone to this too?Anyone know of some adhesive that works for this?

any sticker will be blown off by a pressure washer except for grafix.

I’ve power washed my 02 WR about 5 times now without any trouble. My tank stickers have factory puncture mark all over them.

Would 3M have an Adhesive that would work?

Just a thought.


Not to offend but, power washing your bike will force all the dirt into the bearings and seals. Peop[le think my bike is only a year old when they see it and I only use a garden hose and Simple Green.

Hose the big stuff off, squirt it down with SG, let it sit for a minute and then brush it lightly, rinse and your done. Now your stickers, bearings and seals will last much longer.


Bill :)

Additionally you should check your steering bearings atleast quarterly or sooner if your using a pressure washer. I skipped a check this winter and opened mine up last night to find my upper bearing has started to rust. Now instead of relubing it I'll have to replace it.

Bonzai :)

Ditto on the steering bearings. I love my pressure washer but my steering bearings didn't. Check those babies every couple months. I replaced the bearings with a Pivot Works kit. The seals with this kit seem much better than the stock seals.


I never use pressure washers! chain, swingarm, stearing head, all can be ruined by an errant squirt or two. Go to COSTCO and buy JOBMASTER multi-purpose cleaner. About 5.00 a gallon works much better than simple green at 1/2 the price. spray on 100% & sit for a few min & hose off.

It's perfectly fine to use a pressure washer, but you must use common sense. Don't spray directly on your o-ring chain (or other bearings), don't try to peel your stickers, and try to use the lower pressure washers to begin with (1000-1200 psi).

As far as the upper steering head bearing, it's the heat from the frame that dries the bearing, not the washing (although it probably contributes). 1/4 Simple Green, 1/4 laundry detergent (makes the bike smell mountainy fresh...), and 1/2 water, and it will wash all your filthy worries off the bike.

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