An invite to the Best in the deserts "Vegas 200"

Guys, On December 7th "Best in the Desert" will be hosting their last event of the year, " The Vegas 200". For those of you that have always wanted to give desert racing a try I would like to encourage you be a part of this great race. The course consists of a 68 mile loop (3 loops) around Las Vegas with safety being the most important issue. These races are very organized with danger markers and mile markers along the way. The amount of comradary and patriotism at these races are just amazing. Whether you decide to race this race by yourself as an Ironman or team up with a buddy you'll never forget the experience. You'll never get a better chance to rub elbows with guys like: Ty Davis, Johnny Campbell, Destry Abbott, Brian Brown, Larry Roseler, Paul Krause, David Pearson, Steve Hengeveld, Shane Esposito and many others. If you need someone to pit for you no need to worry, I have a full working pit that will help you with everything you could ever need.

My hope is to have just one of you come out and have a good time with us, it's amazing!! We have after race parties and award ceremonies that are a blast! Life is short! Let me know if you want to do it and I will help you out every step of the way.



Check out the link:


He's not kidding, he's deadly serious. For old guys like me, we have an excuse. For the others, well....if you think you're up for it, and your bike's in decent shape, give it a try.


PS: If I have the bucks, I might try it next year on my 450. Good excuse to get a new bike, huh?


Sounds interesting.......

I'm just about ready to start back into competition.

I have a background in national/international competition (Trials). Now I am doing the offroad thing, and would like to start competeing again.The sunday rides are starting to get boring........

Lets talk.

Well thats twice now by business has cost me something else I'd like to do in the first week of December. I'm flying out of the country for the first week of the month. I wanted to go to Garrett's memorial race and this invite from Dan would of been the ultimate race weekend.

In the past year it's cost me a trip to Daytona, a ride in Crested Butte with another TT rider, my Mom's birthday party, a dance recital for my youngest and now Garrett's race and Dans invitation.

My wife, God bless her, has always understood me but has told me time and time again that men with a life never put their business first.

Dan Lorenze, thanks for the invitation (wish I could of gone). Mikeolichney, I'm looking forward to your next post about Colorado rides. Michael Berg and family, I'll be there in spirit. Mom, sorry, I won't miss next years party.

Most importantly. Stephanie, if you or your sisters read this, I love everything you girls do and if I'm late or don't make it to one of your functions its because I've got a problem with a job that I had to handle.

Get a fun!!! Dan

Danny, you've talked me into it. I'll check into getting that time off from work tomorrow. Hopefully, I can find someone to partner up with. If I can't, I do it solo. Any advice other than not to do it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul

I am 51 years old and very determined to finish. What should I do to prepare?

Ok. I just got off the phone with my son Joshua. He will partner up with me. Now, I just need to know what to do for bike setup et cetera. I have a fresh all Race Tech suspension. I have it set up a little stiff which is my preference. I'll check to make sure but, Josh weighs between 165 and 185. I weigh between 215 and 220 without gear. Do I need to set the sag somewhere inbetween for the both of us? I can soften things up a bit if needed. What kind of advice can you guys offer to set it up so its the best comprimise for the two of us?

Tires. I currently have an MT44 front and an S12 140/80/18 rear. Will this work ok for the desert or, should I switch to something else? Of course, I will bring spares.

Any other suggestions, advice, tips, tricks, etc, etc, is badly needed. Thanks, Paul


If my daughter didn't have a regional soccer championship game that weekend I would have loved to hook up for this race. I've ridden a few desert races and they are a blast.Good luck and I'm jealous!


I raced the tonopah 300 bitd this year and was great fun.From that race I learned to keep complete frt & rear wheel ass. ready. Also use a dry break (that cost us a first place).Tonopah was our first bitd race and we signed up in the 4stroke expt class and came in second less than 2min behind first. One of the best desert race I've raced and very organized operaition.

Paul, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pumped you're going!!!!! You'll never forget this, I promise you!!!!!

Here's the best advice that I have for you for this event.

1) I would make sure that you have very good tires, I always run new ones. Your Pirelli/Michelin combo will work great.

2)Make reservations for the weekend in Vegas. You'll need to be in Vegas by 3 or 4pm on Friday to go through inspection and then we'll have a riders meeting at 7pm just to go over the course. Get a room for Saturday night too, rooms are cheap. I'll be staying at the Suncoast Hotel for the weekend, if by some chance you can't find a place (you should be able to) you can stay with me, I've got two rooms.

3)Bring a gas can, no need to over do here you're only going to go 200 miles, a regular screw cap gas tank will do just fine.

4) I do bring wheel sets with me but don't bother, It wouldn't be a bad idea to run some HD tubes just in case.

5) Last year I remember it was freezing cold and I ended up racing with my "Old Navy" jacket on because I wasn't prepaired for the cold weather.

6) Everything like signing up and getting numbers can wait until that Friday if you like. But you can pre-enter to streamline things up. If you want to pre-enter call Diane at BITD.

7) This race is no big deal, like I said before, they mark the course really well. You'll see no surprises on the course. If all goes well we'll be drinking beers by noon. :)

8) I have your pit all taken care of. My brother will gas you (he's great at it) and my dad will help with the bike.

Call me for any other questions:

818 519-9833

This is just awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan, what's the entry fee? what class would i ride? I think i can iron man it but it would be nice to see if i can get someone, Would teaming up make it a little cheaper? How much was your room, and is it over saturday afternoon? Let me know ? I might try to make it! :)

what's the entry fee? what class would i ride? I think i can iron man it but it would be nice to see if i can get someone, Would teaming up make it a little cheaper? How much was your room, and is it over saturday afternoon? Let me know ?

Big "D", The Ironman class is $225.00 I think that a team race is around $400.00 (2x200) So, teaming up would make it a bit cheaper. I spent $150.00 for the hotel for the weekend. The race should be over by 1pm depending on your speed (on Saturday). Come on out!!!!

ps. Send my love the lovely ladies who work at the "Culver Studio Gym" :)

Now I'm jealous. You guys should have a blast out there. Good luck, and don't try to keep up with Danster. He'll hurt you, LOL!

Should be a great weekend, and ride safely.


Dan,Dan,Dan, I think you and Paul should do this race as a team!!!!!! I had a long conversation about this with Paul last night. Dan, You're one hell of a rider and should be doing this event with him, you guys would do really well. C'mon Dan!!! I would love to see you out there............

OK, I'm done preaching now...


Keep up with Danster! Ha! LOL. DanL, I can see Dan's point. We pay 200 bucks and just about the time we think we have a decent rythm going here comes Ty or BrianB blowing by us like we are standing still, maybe even roosting us real good just for the sport of it! :D Then we complete one lap and the race is over. :)

Heck, if I want to get smoked, all I have to do is go riding with Howard Huge. He'll do it for free! And, I don't have to drive so far. :D

I'm just hoping this will work out for me. Its a chance see the kids, go for a ride and have a good time in Vegas.

Ok. Here is what I found out. The cost is 425 per team. You can have a two or three man team 425/3=141.66. Plus, if you are not a member you must join BID. The good news there is you can buy the '03 membership and use it now. I think that is 25 or 35 bucks but it will be good through next year. Also, no matter what the Pros do, you have 10 hours to complete the race. So everyone will have a chance to finish the race and get their monies worth. I'm stoked! Just hope I can work it out with work. :)


I gotta hand it to you. An old fart just like me doing the 200. It's pretty cool, LOL!


Paul, I'm pumped that you'll be there.....

Hi all, I've been checking out this forum since I got my bike in April. I finally found something I can add to. I am resident in the Vegas area and willing to help out. I am also thinking about racing but funds might be tight. In addition I ran a 70 mile race in september that took alot out of me (my endurance needs alittle work). If I don't run I would be willing to help pit or whatever I could do. I also have extra room and a secure place for bikes.


(702) 293-3770

TEAM THUMPERTALK! Sounds good, doesn't it?


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