Which pipe WR 426

I know , I know. I have to ask any way. Who makes the best after market pipe for a WR 426 / WR timed. Looking for more low end ,same top end , quieter or same as uncorked stock for noise and ofcourse low weight. Dirt Bike says Pro-Circuit T-4 which was not even on my list till now

The T-4 isn't anywhere close to stock uncorked as far as noise level. I'm very happy with my WB E-Series but it is also considerably louder than what you want.

I personally very happy with the FMF Powercore IV. Very loud though.

FMF Powercore IV is great for me. I ordered the "quiet cap" with the pipe from Baja D. but it doesn't fit. Pretty loud though.

do a search

I just installed the Big Gun full system, and it's awesome! It's very similar to my old Pro Circuit motocross pipe (oversize header, awesome workmanship), except for the following:

1. Muffler is oval (more volume, less noise).

2. System is ceramic coated (inside and outside, the only one on the market).

3. Spark Arrestor is removable

4. Fit is even tighter than than the PC.

Power was definitly up over the DSP muffler only setup (had that for one race), and the pipe was as quiet as the uncorked stock pipe (and waaaay lighter). It was explained that an oversize header will slow the exhaust gasses, therefor quieting the bike down.

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