Jardine Exhaust

I live in the UK & have just bought a Jardine End Can for my 2000 WR400F. I got it brand new from the States off EBay. It fitted perfectly & runs fine on stock jetting & only took about 20 mins to fit.It looks the dogs. Bike even seams to start up better aswell but BOY IS IT LOUD!!! Don't get me wrong I expected it to be but I am worried I will keep getting pulled over & also some local practice tracks turn loud bikes away. I am lucky enough to work in the engineering trade so maybe I could make some kind of insert up?? Any view's would be greatly noted

is it a supertrapp or regular style?

My WB E was supertrapp and LOUD, it's quieter now since I've turned it into a regular style using their quiet core insert.

I saw those Jardines on the bay, but knew they were really loud so I stayed away.

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