Power Now carb wing

OK, maybe I shouldn't have read it, but there's an article in this month's Dirt Bike that highlights their WR426 project bike. Their modifications included the installation of a Power Now carburator wing, which is fitted into the carb inlet after the airbox. They claim it improves performance up to 1/2 throttle, as it increases the air velocity thru the carb. Does anyone have any experience with this device? I am wondering if it's worth the $69.

Does DB claim this works...or the manufacturer claim?

I have never respected DB for their tests, or their mag. We need to have someone volunteer and buy one of these things and of course post their results! :)

One of the guys had one of these installed on his CRF450 just recently and says it works great. Haven't tried it myself but there is several post on the honda page about this and the manufacturer has also posted several things giving a few details about it.

DB claimed this device improved the WR's power at low to mid range throttle settings. Their testing was done as part of the work they did on their WR426 project bike. I was surprised that they never discussed changing the bike to YZ timing, or any of the other mods that we talk about here.

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