Storm Cycles Great Customer Service

On Wednesday I purchased a storm mx link for my bike online. I had included overnight shipping on it to make sure I would have it by Saturday for a race on Sunday. On Friday my credit card had not been billed yet and I had not received a comfirmation email so I gave them a call to make sure they had gotten my order. They informed me that their web guy was gone for the week so they had not looked at the orders. I then informed them of my situation, remaining very polite, and after a little checking they got the part shipped out to me, ate the extra cost, and had it to me Saturday before noon. I was very happy that they took care of me.

I haven't seen a bad review on the actual product, and I have to say that I was very happy with how it made my bike feel. I have an 03 yz450 and it seemd like the front end would push all the time and the front wheel had no traction. Practice the day of the race was the first time I got to try it and for me I'd have to say it was a night and day difference.

the bike really turned well, I was able to rail corners like I never have before. Before I would get tired and was really conscious about sliding up on the seat the handling was awesome. Even when I got lazy and didn't slide up like I should it still turned better than it used to.

I ended up with my best finish ever, a pretty easy 2nd place for the first moto, but then after jinxing myself I had a first turn wreck in the 2nd moto while I led the pack into the first turn (definately need to slow my shock rebound down).

I would say for this bike this part is probably right at the top of the list as most important modifications right up there with getting the suspension revalved for your riding.

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