Spikes for Ice

Being rather bummed out with the weather here in UP-State New York,, It is now snowing :). I was wondering if anyone has put ice screws in their tires for riding on the ice, I don't know how the 600r would handle with them, and I don't know anything about which ones to use or what size. Has anyone tried this with a thumper??

saturday november 16th, spent all day at the motocross track

sunday november 17th, my kids rode their yamaha sv 125 snow

sports all day ! in 30 cm of snow !!

with that in mind,it is now time to stud up the bikes.

last year, i rode my XR650R HRC all winter, i used carbide

tiped 1/4 inch metal screws on new knobbies they work very

well for about 1 hour , the massive torque of the 650 just rips them out. they work perfectly on my kids xr80 and kx65

second best are automotive studs used on snow tires, they

are good on ice and the best on hard packed snowmobile trails , ( after the 15th of march when they close ) MIND BLOWING RIDING . last week me and my cousins received are

brand new ULTIMATE set up , they are 1 1/2 inch costom made

screws with two shaved slicks inside and heavy duty mountain bike tubes. thes tires are well worth the $800 cdn

a pair.

cant wait to mount them on my christmas gift . WR450 !!


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