Hello people. This is my 1'st post here :thumbsup: I am a new proud owner of a 1999 yz400f. I just bought it a few days ago and it's my first 4 stroke. I had a 1994 Husqavarna 250 2 stroke before.

My god I wore myself out as I sit in the garage scratching my head wondering why she wont start. Well after learning the proper procedure and getting used to it I can get it usually 1-2 kicks. I found if I hold the decomp lever in give her a few kicks to clear it up, starts up 1-2 kicks fine. Not to mention its about -6 celsius out there so shes cold. Enough of that.

Anyway, the bikes in great condition but the decals are starting to fade and peel away. I want to put some custom decals on there as well as a new seat. Can anyone direct me to a good place to get these at? I am in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Currently they have the hannah yellow/black decals on it. Bikes pretty much stock, I am no hardcore rider at all, I just like to take her easy and have some fun kicking some dirt up with buddys. I do plan on doing some simple mods to her in the future though. Im a total noob though lol, but since Ive found these forums I have learned quite a bit. So glad I found this place, this is my new internet home.

Heres a few pics of the bike. Nothing compared to what a lot of guys ride here but I like her :ride: Just need new decals and new seat, then I'll go from there.



Welcome to TT, YZ400f 99!!!

I live in Calgary, and I have custom graphics and numberplates for my 07 YZ450F from a co. out in Victoria called Ride Industries. They did a great job, have competitive pricing, and extremely fast service (sorry, no pics, my camera is down). Try

There's also other graphics companies in Canada, such as Lime9, and a company in Fort St. John B.C., but I can't recall their name.

Ok I'll check them out thank you very much for the info!!!

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