Please take a look, is this normal?

So I was rebuilding the water pump on my 426f today and when I took off the right side case I noticed that washer on the cam is very bent? How did it get like that and is it going to harm anything??? Thanks a lot guys and gals!






It's bent that way on purpose to hold the nut on. No worries!!

Im a moron:bonk: . Thanks so much!!!

That is supposed to be like that so that the nut can't back off if it is loose. To remove the nut you should straighten the washer, then remove it. When you put it back together you should bend the washer over one of the flat sides of the nut after it is tight. Your countershaft sprocket nut should have a washer like this too.

I have never seen one of these in person but it looks to me that all of them are bent. Usually this is done to keep the nut from backing off. Same principle with a castle nut and cotter pin, but with the washer bent to prevent nut from turning. My counter sprocket on my 01 426 is like this too. Hope this helps.

EDIT: wow, everyone beat me to the post. lol, I need to type faster

Damn this place gets insanley fast responces!!!


That's also the counter balancer, not a cam. BTW, you'll see the same folding type lock washers on the crank, the clutch hub, and the front sprocket. :thumbsup:

Damn this place gets insanley fast responces!!!


awesome isn't it. at any time of the day there seems to be around 150 people in the yamaha section alone, usually about 20-50 of which are in this forum. and at least one of them always has an answer to something lol.

nice pics..

yeah the responses are quick and good value.

I find it is much better than talking to the techs at the local shops in terms of getting good information.

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