Moab Next Week

Hey everybody

Leaving the frozen tundra of Banff, Alberta on Friday and heading to Moab for 10 days. Any suggestions on where to ride? Favourites or Must rides when there, etc.? Thanks all

There is a lot of good information on the web re: Moab. Do some searches on this site and at on "Moab" and you should come up with alot of good information. Check with some of the local trailriding organizations in Utah for good ideas and maps. Another guy with a lot of information is

Must be fun living in Banff. How's the mountain singletrack riding around Banff and Jasper?? Can you do much riding in that area or is it all closed to motorized recreation?? I was up there 5 years ago. Amazing scenery.

I've looked on the web quite abit and have checked out in the past all good info. There is so many areas, with so little time. I was just curious if there were favourites by those who have been there, you know ones not to miss.

As far as riding in Banff........NO RIDING (MOTORIZED) IN THE NATIOAL PARK. Although just outside it there is awesome riding. We actually ride right up to the boundaries

I've got a VHS tape of the various rides from the Thumpertalk 2000 get-together. Over four days, we checked out many of the trails & much of it is captured on tape. (My personal favourite was AMASA BACK)

I'm in Calgary, so it would be easy for you to borrow a copy if you're interested.


Must try trails:

Poison Spider

Golden Spike

Pritchett Canyon

Behind the Rocks

Kane Creek

Amasa Back

Flat Pass (also called Steelbender)

Porcupine Rim

Slick Rock

Ten Mile Wash

Those are the moderate to hard trails. There are lots of easier trails but I'm not familiar with them.

When you get into town, go to the pizza joint across / caddie corner from The Bowen Motel. I believe it is "Popular Place" or something like that. But the owner is an avid biker and has tons of information on places to ride out there. He is friendly and likes to talk bikes.

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OK, I have some free time at work. Here are a couple of maps to help you get around Moab. The first is a stree map of Moab. If you are plated, you can ride the streets without hassle. Otherwise you will have to trailer to these trails.

You can bunch up trails together and take the streets back to town if you are plated. Otherwise, you will have to do one or two at a time and return to the parking areas. I would do the following together.

Poison Spider, Golden Spike and Gemini Bridges. Take 191 North out of town. Turn left onto 279 just out of town and follow that several miles along the river and climbing wall (279 is not on the street map above). You will come to the parking area for Poison Spider. The turn off for Golden Spike is easy to miss so be on the lookout. That will lead you to Gemini Bridges (an easy trail with a nice view at the end). Then you can take that out to 191 and back into town (about a 8 - 9 mile ride on the road). If you can't ride the road, I would do Poison Spider and Golden Spike only and return to your vehicle.

Kane Creek, Behind the Rock, and Pritchett Canyon.

Take Kane Creek road (Turn at the McDonalds) about 9 - 10 miles until you come to the Kane Creek trail head (you will also see a sign for Hurrah Pass). The road turns into dirt just after the trail heads for Pritchett and Amasa Back. Ride Kane Creek all the way out to HWY 191 and come back North (left) on 191 about 1/2 to 1 mile. You will see the entrance to Behind the Rock and Pritchett on your left. Ride into that and take a dirt road for a few miles. You will also come to a big sand dune area on your right if you want to play around in that. Pritchett will come back out to Kane Creek. Go right back into town. If you have to trailer, I would do Kane Creek in and out then come back to Pritchett entrance on Kane Creek Rd and ride that in and out.

Slick Rock and Porcupine rim. Use this map link to get to the trail head.

There will be lots of mountain bikers on SR. Many will stare you down. Don't worry, it is ope to all OHV vehicles. When you are done with the SR loop, take the road about 7 more miles till it deadends at a Y. Go left on Porcupine and follow that trail until it becomes single track. You can run the single track if you are adventurous. This will come out on 128 which you can take back into town if you wish. But there are 3-4 foot steps near the end that once you go down, you are committed to come back on 128. Or you can turn around back to the dirt road. There is a 1000 foot cliff to hang your feet off of on this trail.

Two you could do in a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon are Amasa Back and Flat Pass. For Amasa Back, take the Kane Creek road to the trail head on the right just after it turns to dirt. This is a trail to a 1000 foot cliff that you ride in and out. To get to Flat Pass, you can go two ways. 1) Go south on 191 a couple of miles to a Shell station on the left. Turn left there and follow that road to the trail head. Now you have to go through some condos / houses to get there so ask for directions as I can't remember the turns. This is an 11 mile trail. I would start there and come back. Or you could go several miles south on 191 to the Ken's Lake turn off on the left and go in through that way.

The first thing you need to do is get a map of the trails. It is very easy to get lost out there on any of these trails. The rides on the slick rock terrain are usually marked with paint pretty well.

I would also probably do Slick Rock / Porcupine for you first ride if this is your first time out to Moab. These are probably the easiest of the trails listed and will give you a chance to get a feel for the terrain out there. Don't forget lots of water, food and medical supplies. Also, if you have good sized tanks (3.3) or better, you should have no problems with gas on any of these rides. I sure stock WR tanks will be fine also.

Have fun and ride safe. I love this place it is my favorite area to ride. Although be very careful. Even a Moab veteran like myself gets hurt out there (I am wearing a splint on my broken thumb as I type). Also make sure you have a good bash plate and extra levers, tubes and a good tool set with you. Doug

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Thanks for the info everybody, can't wait to get there!

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