Husaberg 501

I posted this in the exotics, but no response, you guys had any experiense here??

My mate has a husaberg 501 2002 electric start, he wanted me to post here reguarding his bike, not trying to cause trouble or any thing, he has had heaps of trouble with his bike, camshafts, rockers, starters, nearly every time he rides it there's something wrong, and not little things either, "engine problems" he dosn't thrash it, he does regular maintenance, is this bike really that bad?? in the time i've had my bike he's only been able to do half the k's we have on his bike because his bike is always in the shop, or he has to turn back and go home because the motor has something wrong again, lucky he has a spare bike, any one else with these problems??, help him out, he's thinking of trading it in at a loss, a big loss. :)

01 Wr 426, two round things, something to sit on and something to hold on to.

blue beast, i am just a new guy on here but if i had that much trouble with my bike i would dissowne it and go for a blue one! this 426 is the only bike i can really ride without any pushing involved. man o' man sorry about his luck. i don't know what i would do if i couldn't ride.


Thats the problem he hasn't got the cash to change it now,he worked it out, it's cost him $300 bucks every time he rides it.

ask him to try going to this web site and see if he has any luck. at the moment there are good 'uns and bad 'uns i'm afraid. they have had a dodgy batch of rollers but not cams so i presume the cam got damaged by the rollers.

one or two have had difficulty starting but i think there were a coupla cases of the starter giving trouble-but not many.


Thanks Taff i'll let him know, the cam was damaged by the rockers apparently.

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