Tall seats

I was wandering if anyone makes a good tall seat for a 07 yz450. Ive had a SDG and they are too thin on top, I do like enduro engineering ktm seats but they dont build one for Yamaha. I'm 6'4" and pretty cramped on this bike so any info would help.:thumbsup:

I have a guts tall medium. I'm 6'1" and struggled with turning and the tall seat, but I've always used tall seats on my other bikes. I know that most on this site think the tall seat gives them more leverage for working the bike into the turn and it also makes it easier to slide your weight forward, but it gave the bike a top heavy feel for me. I shaved an 1" out of the tall Guts model to make a step seat. I love the feel and it is slightly taller so transition to standing is improved. With your height you'll need probably want all that height. I think all the tall seats continue to taper to the top. I'm sure they are all narrower than stock, can't help you there. But the Guts Medium has a nice firm yet pliable feel. Much like a stock honda. It's held up well, still feels new after 20+ hours.

Thanks for the info, I'm gonna check on the guts.

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