how long do we keep the neewbie status

just sitting here looking at every thing i can and was just wondering who decides, or how long do you have to be on here to be upgraded. just wondering! :)

25 posts i think, so get posting!!!!!

I think it is based on how many people reply to your posts, on good post could send you straight to gold. You also lose points for posts that relate to things already discussed in length here in previous posts without using the search first. These topics include Blue/Grey wire, which oil to use just to name a few.

Honestly though I don't really have an answer for you.

If you guys are gonna get some posts then count me in, I'd like to lose the title too. It's not too bad being a newbie now that they got rid of the member #'s.

I never even noticed that, but your right where's my number??

how long do we keep the neewbie status

0 TT Newbie

25 TT Member

100 TT Bronze Member

500 TT Silver Member

1000 TT Gold Member

1500 TT Platinum Member

2000 TT Titanium Member

5000 TT Addict

There's a lot of stuff in the FAQ's for newbies!!! and anybody else who wants to learn. :)

Its 25 posts, just lost my newbie status :)

:D thats great i am not that good at this computer stuff, i like to be outside, on the bike, well i guess i only got a few more posts to make befor i am a legitamit member. good luck to all you newbees just like me. :)

I placing this post to get to help get to the magic number of 25.

Me too.

HuskyRider has posted the status levels and requirements copied from the FAQs section of TT.

Please do NOT post for the sake of changing your member status. Let the quality of your posts speak for you as a member. Useless posts can only suck up server space, take more time to read through to actually get info from a post and lead to flames.



You can however, stay a newbie for as long as you like, wish i was still a newbie so i can act as dumb as i look. :):D

Actually - TT has satellite cameras looking at all of the MX tracks in the US. You lose newbie status when they get a picture of you lighting your bike in one kick. Sometimes it takes a few passes of the satellite. :)

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