5TH gear sputter and crack in gas tank???

Hay guys I had a question. When your in 5th gear and have it at WOT dose anyone bike missis or sputters? This only happins in 5th gear the other gers are fine. Any help would be nice. And has anyone cracked there stoke WR gas tank right at the back under the seat?


Do a search on the yz side sound like you've broken your 5th gear. :)

here it is: 5th gear gone on my 00' 426.....

yep i had fifth go as well and it felt just like a misfire. the real easy way to find out is to change the gearbox sprocket for larger and pul;l; the same kind of speeds but in fourth. the engie won't know your in fifth and it'll represent the same load on it though.

thta's how i made sure.


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