clutch thrust washer/spacer

I put a new a new Hinson clutch basket and pressure plate in my bike last night. When reassembling, the thrust washer doesn't seat on the splined portion of the shaft - It's sitting on the smooth part against the clutch basket. Is this right/OK? A quick search shows it's normal


but I just though I'd ask again for piece of mind....

Why is this spacer splined if it isn't supposed to mate with the splined portion of the shaft?

Pull the main shaft toward you and see what happens.

Pull the main shaft toward you and see what happens.

I can't - it's already buttoned up. Won't this just effectively slide the washer further down the narrow, non splined, portion of the shaft? I think what you're getting at is that the splined portion is fully seated within the boss and won't interfere with the thrust washer. Yes?

The clutch seems to work well. Is this really OK?

OK, I was thinking of something different. In this case, the non-splined section of the shaft just behind the splines where the washer runs is smaller than the OD of the splined section. To have the washer able to slide over this and still center up on the smaller diameter prt of the shaft, the washer was splined to match the shaft so the ID of the washer's splines would center it. It looks weird when you assemble it, but that's how it goes.

Outstanding! Thanks for the help.

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