YZ400 vs. 07 or 08 WR450F

Hi all, I'm looking for a little bit of input.

I'm thinking of upgrading to a wr450 or wr250 with the aluminum frame.

I love my 99 yz400, but after riding an 04 crf250x, I think I want to try a bike that is a little less top heavy. The crf250x handles so much better than my bike in the single track. I would go for that in a heartbeat, but I don't trust that bike with all of the valve issues, and I also would like a little bit more power.

I rode an 06 wr450f and it felt a lot heavier than my yz400.

How would one of the aluminum framed wr450's compare to my yz400 in terms of handling? Would it be less top heavy feeling? I'm also considering doing a wr250f with an athena 290 kit to get the torque and light weight feeling.

If anybody who has done a similar switch, I'd like to hear your opinions.

Also, I have to do a wr to ride year around here in Kalifornia.


I've owned a 99' WR400, 01' WR426, 04' WR450 and now an 07' WR450... the Alum. framed bikes made huge strides in lowering the center of gravity, my 07' immediately "felt" lighter despite being essentially the same weight as the 04':thumbsup:

I love my bike now but, I had to do alot of work to it to get it to work decently and track well. If you get one, have it revalved and throw the preloded / sliding valving away that comes in the fork and put the conventional old style after market valving of some kind in. This helps greatly with the feel of the front end being vague feeling and not turning all that well. A revalve helps the shock too. Tell them to take the midstroke spike out of it. I like my bikes balanced and this one is hard to get balanced. It's good now but still a compromise. I find that I can't make an dampening adjustment to the fork without making one to the rear to compensate. For some reason (and I think it's the frame), it transmits alot of shock back to the rider. I put on rubber mounted bars, a damper and mounted the hand guards to the bar instead of the triple clamps. I dropped the forks down to the line and it turns well now and is good in the single track. The damper really helps at high speed and keeps arm pump to a minimum. If you are over 200 lbs, think about springs if you are fast at all. I do not see the need for any more power and the bike is very tractable. It will haul ass if you want it too. I recently geared it up to a 14 on the counter shaft as I was shifting back and forth between second and third all the time in the tight stuff. It pulled it no problem. It's a great bike but be prepared to do some work to it to make it all around good.

Good Luck!


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