Sending in Suspension

Hi, im curious if anyone of you guys had sent in your suspension somewhere like, RaceTech, Pro-circuit, factory connection, etc. I want to adjust it for my riding style/weight, but i really dont have the knowledge.. These websites state that they work with you over the phone and can get the job done. I spoke with a couple guys that race in my class and they all had great things to say after they received there suspension back from them.

Any opinions?


Any of the big name tuners do a great job if your setting it up for one purpose (like MX or HS). The problem I ran into was, none of the big names could set it up for both..... or at least thats what I was told.

I finally found a smaller shop that could handle both needs (I do MX and HS). Not sure what kind of riding you do, but its something to think about.

BTW, this guy did mine. He even sent me instructions on which way to adjust the clickers for MX and which clicker adjustment for hare scrambles. And its perfect, I couldn't be happier!

If you were on the west coast I would say ENZO, but shipping is going to cost you.

I would look for a Race Tech technician close by to work with. Ask around...

Factory Connection is way too expensive and on the West Coast.

Look into Great work and reasonable prices.

But doesn't Race Tech still use old technology from like 5 years ago? aka ruining the whole speed sensitive valving in the Kayaba suspension?

The leader for sure is Enzo for Yamaha's, but your going to have to fork out $50 shipping, which in my opinion is chump change when it comes to what they can accomplish.

I've heard good things about Independant in San Luis Obispo. Not cheap though.

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