YZ250F overheating???

ok so my bike has been fine so far this year until sunday and all the sudden it overheated in the harescramble. so it was muddy and tight im like ok probly got mud in the radiator fins or somthing, so i wash it and fill it back up with coolant and start ridin around my house in open area and it got hot real fast and overheated again?? i have the boyesen water pump cover and im running engine ice so i dont know whats goin on??? i raced harescrambles last year in 95 degree temps and had no problems so what could be wrong??

Is it actually getting hot and boiling it out (is is steam coming out of the overflow or liquid). If liquid is coming out of the overflow then it might be a bad head gasket causing the water system to be pressurized. If it is actually boiling it out then maybe your radiators are plugged or your jetting is too lean. Four strokes will get hot when you are putting, but it is odd that it would all of the sudden give you problems when it never did before.

its doin both actually, steam and liquid pouring out of the overflow..??

new cap--- prestone premixed--- great stuff!!

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