Some of us St. Louisans are coming to Chadwick this weekend.(10-12) Are you going riding Saturday? Send me a pm or email me at

ps. Went riding at Palmer Lakes with Hurricane last weekend. Pretty cool place but Chadwick still blows it away!

Unfortunantly, I already have plans for this weekend. :)

Wish I was. You guys have fun! :D

Thanks for asking.

Hey fellers, we have a group coming to Chadwick on Saturday the 18th..should be a good group from the KC area! We will be at Cobb Ridge/KC day use area, look for a black Extreme S10 w/a very nice Hurricane yz400 and a white F250 4dr w/Heartland Pool/Spa logo's all over it, that truck will have an enclosed trailer in tow. One other should be a a red F250 4dr w/rail bike trailer in tow. We should be there early Saturday the 18th, probably by 9am at the latest. Hope to see guys there. Jason

Hey guys,

Our weekend this week has been cancelled due to the weather. I HATE RAIN! :) I will be out of town on the 18th so I won't be able to go. We are going to try and go down again in June sometime. I will keep you guys posted.

Good deal let me know when the reschedule is.

You guys are making a wise decision. The roots can get quite fustrating when greased with rain.

And so are the rocks and the new cement things and the trails and the........

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