How many hours do you have on your bike??

wow i am glad to see these hours on these bikes!my 450 is an 03.i am estimating 150hrs. i have replaced counter shaft seal twice,one hot start cable.all the normal wear stuff chain ,sprockets,brakes and tires.i did upgrade to a gytr clutch with an 05 style cable routining.also a front and rear wheel bearings.i have always used bel-ray thumper oil changed every 3-5 rides.i ride all woods with a few gncc's a year. ride in the old and slow c-class . i am getting ready to do a cam chain and piston just for maintenance.

I have a 2006 yz450f thats been ridden almost every weekend. I estimate about 250 hrs on it. I have done NOTHING to the motor. All basic maintenance using Rotella T oil changes every 2 weekends. Air filter every ride. It still starts like an 80. Sometimes im getting it to TDC and it fires up on me.

replaced parts

spark plug

steering stem bearings

chain and sprockets

front brake pads

fork seals


proper jetting

AP mod

magnetic drain plug

Engine Ice

thats about it really.

valves still in spec?

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