01 YZ 426 handeling?

Did any of you guys lower the forks say 5mil to get it to turn faster

Thanks John

You mean raise the forks? Yes, I did just that and it seems to turn slightly better, but lost a little high speed stability.

Raise the fork, lower the front end. Yes.

Raise the fork, lower the front end. Yes.

And make sure your sag is set at no more than 100mm. :thumbsup:

when i first got mine i didnt check the sag and just took it riding i was very unhappy with how it cornerd, after setting correctly i didnt need to do anything else, check that first.

It Feals real mushy But as soon as a buddy comes over ill check it

Did you guys go with a 51 tooht rear sprocket


50 on mine and love it

It Feals real mushy
How much do you weigh?

220 I would like to add im 6'2

I broke my foot in 05 and im just getting back to it

I bought something cheap that way if my foot hurt

id just re sell it but its going good id like to get this thing

handeling a little better then when i sell my street bike im going to get

a left over 07 or 08 or wait for the 09

havent really made up my mind

but thanks for the help guys

At that weight, the springs are a bit light for you, which is going to have an effect on the handling.

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